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Wildlife Sanctuaries Around The World

For the wildlife expert, or just an average traveler who loves to be in the midst of untamed nature, a wildlife sanctuary is the place to be. The most well known of these forest reserves is probably the Yellowstone natural park. And what drives people here is not the rare species of animals found, or the unending greenery around. Most visitors come to Yellowstone to witness a unique natural phenomenon: the eruption of a natural geyser. Other sanctuaries are just as breathtaking, and must be in the itenary of any visitor to the region where one of them is located.

The most famous of the wildlife sanctuaries is listed below:

1.    Aspen valley wildlife sanctuary, Canada

2.    Sathya Sai sanctuary, Ireland

3.    Bergeron’s exotic sanctuary, Canada

4.    Assisi animal sanctuary, UK

5.    Ferne animal sanctuary, UK

6.    Willows sanctuary, UK

7.    Freedom Farm animal sanctuary, USA

8.    Grateful acres animal sanctuary, USA

9.    Wild animal sanctuary, USA

10. Yellowstone national park, USA

11. Bory Tucholskie National Park, Poland

12. Kampinoski National Park,Poland

13. Ujście Warty National Park,Poland

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many world famous sanctuaries in Africa, most notably in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Since wildlife in Africa is abundant, it is but natural that the continent has an array of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks.

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