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Rajsamand Lake, Lake of Rajsamand

The Lake of Rajsamand:

Rajsamand is famous for the Rajsamand Lake. Rajsamand lake is the 2nd biggest lake in Asia as a man made lake . Maharana Raj Singh ji of rajsamand constructed this lake as relief work during 1662 -76 AD. so the rajsamand lake takes an important place in the history of kankroli, rajsamand. there are many stories also famous related to the making of this famous rajsamand lake.

Rajsamand lake measures 1.5 miles, by 2.75 miles and has a big area of about 195 sq. miles Rajsamand lake has a big embankment [boundary] which is over 1100 ft long and 40 ft high .Rajsamand Lake made with a work force of 60,000 people and at cost of Rs. 1.05 crore .

The Gomti River flows into it . Now a days this world famous Rajsamand Lake Have less water in it.

The Photogallery of this Rajsamand Lake of Rajasthan:

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