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Boarding School

Boarding schools are never potrayed correctly in movies or books and are certainly not schools for magic and witchcraft.The word ‘boarding’ means to provide food and lodging.A boarding school is usually a school where chlidren not only study, but also live during term time, with other students and teachers.Despite of all the negativity in various movies and books,boarding students genuinely enjoy their time away from home.They are surrounded by colleauges of equal academic ability and motivation and is an experience few students today are able to enjoy.

Many schools in the devoloped countries are boarding schools. The amount of time one spends in boarding school varies from one year to twelve or more years. Boarding school students may spend the majority of their childhood and adolscent life away from home.Although they do return home during the holidays and, the summer vacations.Boarding schools in india generally consist grades seven to twelve, with most covering the High School years. Some boarding schools also have day students who are locals or children of faculty. Some even feature military training.

Boarding schools not only have boarding students but also day students. Day students are reffered as day-boys or day-girls.Semi-boarders are students who stay for the whole day in school, including their breakfast,lunch and dinners. Schools that have both boarding and day students are described as semi boarding schools or day boarding schools. Many of these institutions also have pupils who stay in the school during the week but spend weekends at home,these are described as weekly boarders.

Boarding schools are designed for correcting negative and reinforce them with positive behavior, hard work and carve them.These schools mainly aim at academic excellence of their students.If teens are out of control, they are in desperate need of help before they cross the limits then there are military and other highly designed boarding schools. If a child is beyond the help of parents,it is a time to seek help. Military and other boarding schools aiming at behavior have a long tradition of excellence. Boarding schools is definitely an attraction.It is an opportunity to experience an education parents can be proud of.

A typical boarding school has several separate dormitories spread. Pupils generally need permission to go outside school viscinity.They may be allowed to roam at certain times.A number of teaching staff are appointed as housemasters, housemistresses etc, each of whom takes parental responsibility for some students who resident in their house, at all times but particularly after school hours.

Older students are often unsupervised by house head, and prefects gives limited authority to senior students.Generally houses have study-rooms or dormitories, a dining-room where students take meals at fixed times, a library,a hall where students can do their work. Read the rest of this entry »

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