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State Bird Rajasthan

Godawan is the state bird of Rajasthan. godawan’s scientific name is Great India Bustard [GIB]. The godawan is a heavy ground bird found locally in the areas of Rajasthan. godawan (great Indian bustard) is a tall and long legged bird. The neck of godawan are white and there is black crown on the forehead. The upper body is brown and the wings of godawan are marked with black and brown coloured.

The godawan (Great Indian Bustard) is a rare bird of Rajasthan and is protected since independence of India. Great Indian Bustard is Known as ‘Godawan’ locally in Rajasthan. Godawan generally seen in crop fields and grasslands of Rajasthan. This is the elegant bird which weights up to 8 kgs, stands 16″ high. Godawan walks with confidence and grace in the grassland.

Godawan (Great Indian Bustards) can breed at any time of year but it is usually initiated by the starting time of rains. Those annual rains are thus important to population stability for Godawan (Great Indian Bustards). There are around 1,000 Godawan birds (great Indian bustards) left today in this planet and more than 50 % are in Rajasthan. The biggest sanctuaries is the Desert National Park sanctuary in Rajasthan which has about 100 Godawan birds. Good populations of GIB are surviving in the Indo – Pak border area.

There is an urgent need for conservation steps to save Godawan population in Rajasthan India. Still many people of rajasthan not know that the Godawan (Great Indian Bustard) is the state bird of Rajasthan. The Godawan (Great Indian Bustard) are very less now a days due to result of hunting in Rajasthan. The only way to save Godawan (Great Indian Bustard) in such areas is with the active co-operation of the local communities of Rajasthan. some of the School Students raised slogans for the protection of the Godawan (great Indian bustards) in their area of Rajasthan.

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