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State Animal Rajasthan

Chinkara is the State Animal of Rajasthan India. Chinkara’s scientific name is antelope. Chinkara’s goes height about 65 Cm and weighs up to 25 kgs. Chinkara’s body above is light chestnut and colour deepening where it joins white of the underparts on the flanks and buttocks.Chinkara found mostly in Rajasthan. Their diet contains vegetation. There are a very big desert in Rajasthan and they can go without water for long periods. Chinkara live in small groups. chinkara wagging of their tail in danger and then alert the others to be ready.

Now a days Chinkara are not safe from hunters at any place but Desert communities are helping for the population of Chinkara will increase. Rajasthan govt. doing arrangements for the desert to enable the new Chinkaras to adjust to the wild. some Artificial ponds have been dug in the desert for newly released Chinkaras and these ponds being regularly filled with water .

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