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Maharaja, Rulers, Royal Family Of Udaipur

Maharaja, Rulers, Royal Family of Udaipur –

Udaipur royal family’s maharaja or rulers list is here with year wise detail. udaipur was famous from a long time due to the maharajas [rulers] of udaipur. many great maharaja has ruled at udaipur. Shriji Arvind Singh Ji Mewar is the present heir of Mewar Kingdom and royal family of udaipur rajasthan. he is looking after all the affairs about Mewar Royal Family.

Maharaja, Rulers, Royal Family of Udaipur –

Rana Udai Singh 1537-1572
Rana Pratap Singh 1572-1596
Rana Amar Singh 1596-1607
Rana Sugra 1607-1615
Rana Karan 1620-1628
Rana Jagat Singh 1628-1652
Rana Raja Singh 1652-1680
Rana Jaya Singh 1680-1699
Rana Amar Singh II 1699-1711
Rana Sangrama Singh II 1711-1734
Rana Jagat Singh II 1734-1752
Rana Pratap Singh II 1752-1754
Rana Raja Singh II 1754-1761
Rana Ari Singh II 1761-1771
Rana Hammir II 1771-1777
Maharana Bhim Singh 1777-1828
Maharana Jawan Singh 1828-1838
Maharana Sardar Singh 1838-1842
Maharana Sarup Singh 1842-1861
Maharana Sambhu 1861-1874
Maharana Sujjan Singh 1874-1884
Maharana Fateh Singh 1884-1930
Maharana Sir Bhupal Singh 1930-1955
Maharana Bhagwat Singh 1955-1985
Maharana Arvind Singh 1985-Present

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