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Mass communication Colleges in Uttar Pradesh

Here some of the best mass communication colleges in Uttar Pradesh are listed.

Top mass communication colleges in Uttar Pradesh:




                              Colleges Name City Name
1 CH.CharansinghUniversity Meerut
2 International Institute for Special Education, IISE Lucknow
3 MassCoMedia Noida
4 BanarasHindu Unviersity Varanasi
5 HINT Intitute of Mass Communication Gaziabad
6 LucknowUniversity Lucknow
7 Mewar Institute Ghaziabad
8 AsianAcademyof Film & Telaveison Noida
9 SubhartiCollegeof Law and Management Meerut
10 InstituteofProfessionalStudies Ghziabad
11 K.M. Institute of Hindi Studies & Linguistics agra

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