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Marwari Jokes

Life without humor is really very boring. Today our life has become so busy that we have forgotten to laugh. A joke is a very effective tool to make anybody laugh. Even in most serious situations these jokes can make you giggle. Such is the power of joke. Joke is basically a paragraph with funny side and ends with a punch line.

Marwari Jokes In Hindi :

These jokes come in various forms and are meant for the purpose of entertainment only. Some jokes can be based on stereotypes of some ethnic community. But it is not meant to hurt the feelings of such community. Marwari jokes are quite famous throughout the country and they are based on the stereotypes of Marwaris.

Marwari jokes are one of the most popular ethnic jokes of India. These Marwari jokes portray Marwari as a miser and most of these jokes are based on it. Marwaris are basically from Rajasthan and are one of the most successful communities of India. Marwari jokes can be in different languages such as Hindi, English or Marwari.  Some of these jokes are quite common and have been heard many times. But there are many new jokes which are yet to be heard. There are many unknown people who are gifted with the talent of forming new jokes. Every day new jokes are formed and they are as humorous as old jokes.

Many publishing houses publish books with Marwari jokes on regular basis and one can buy such books from a book shop. These books can be easily availed from any book shop in the market, railway station or a bus station. In the age of internet one can easily enjoy reading such jokes on certain blogs or websites. There are numerous websites and blogs which provide us with various Marwari jokes. Those who like to read Marwari jokes will not be disappointed at all. These jokes are available in Marwari language too. Marwari Jokes stand to their reputation and can make anybody laugh.

Thirsty crow poem in marwadi :

once upon a cagla,

sitting on dagla,

he was very pyasa,

he saw a matka,

some bhata patka,

little water gatka and fir wapas bhatka.


Kalu kalu……ke bapu, zardo khayo……… na bapu……..jhoot bole……….na bapu………..mundo kho………….aa thu


Jab Tharo phone aava hai,

To mharo kaaljo uth java hai,

E ma tharo kasoor koni,

Mharo mobile hi Vibrator par hove hai

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