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Marwari Holi Songs

Holi is one of the significant Hindu festivals of India and is also known as the festival of colors. Every year it is celebrated in the month of Phalgun and people enjoy playing Holi with lots of gulal and many colors. It starts with Holi puja followed by Dhuleti next day. This Hindu festival brings lot of joy and fun to the children.

Rajasthani Holi Dhamal :

This festival gives a message of brotherhood and unity. Without Holi songs Holi is incomplete. Holi songs are full of energy and bring joy to the people who listen to these songs. In Rajasthan these Holi songs are in Marwari dialect and are quite popular among the local community. These days these Marwari Holi songs have gained popularity in other parts of India also.

Many music artists and writers have written these Marwari Holi songs and have released their video and music albums based on the theme of Holi. These famous Marwari Holi songs are played everywhere during the auspicious occasion of Holi. People put color on each other and dance on the tunes of these Marwari Holi songs. Without these songs one cannot imagine holi.

You can purchase the CDs of these Marwari Holi songs from the music shop. Many individual artists have released their album based on the festival of Holi. Since past few years many Rajasthani movies have featured hit Marwari Holi songs. If you are not willing to purchase these CDs then you can download these songs for free from the internet.

There are numerous websites available on the internet which allow free download of these songs. If you don’t know how to start with, you can try using search engines such as Google and yahoo. They will provide you with list of such websites. Or you can even use these search engines to locate your particular favorite Holi song. There is no limit of download and you can download as many songs as you like for free. These Marwari Holi songs will truly make your Holi unforgettable.

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