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Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara

The Mandalgarh Fort lies at a distance of 54 km from Chittorgarh. This fort is of historical significance due to many ferocious battles fought in medieval ages. This fort was built by the chief of Balnote Clan of Rajputs and is considered to be the oldest fort of Rajasthan. It lies on a rocky hill which is at a height of 1850 feet from the ground level.

The Fort of Bhilwara Mandalgarh :

It is surrounded by massive wall which is half a mile in length. Although the Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara is not so formidable, but is surrounded by barren rocky terrain and is full of gigantic heaps of rocks, which could have made it difficult for the invading armies to siege the fort. The Mandalgarh Fort is witness to many heroic accounts and numerous invasions during medieval ages.

Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara was captured twice in fifteenth century by Mahmud Khilji of Malwa. It was alternately ruled by Ranas of Mewar and Mughal Sultans. It was granted to Raja Roop Singh os KishanGarh in 1650 by Shah Jahan. In 1660 Rana Raj Singh retook it back from Raja Roop Singh. In 1700 Jhujar Singh Chief of Pisangan ruled this place. In 1706 Rana Amar Singh recovered it and till now it is has been under the possession of his descendants.

Attractions and Monuments in Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara

The Mandalgarh Fort Bhilwara has Sagar, Jasesar and Sagari tanks for storage of water. This fort also has palaces of Rathore Ramsingh, Governor’s residence and Cenotaph of Chanana Gujar. It is also home to Jain temple built in Jain style which is visited by many tourists. There is a grand cenotaph of famous Mughal General which has a solid roof resting on 32 pillars.

The defense system of fort during those days can still be seen today. It has semi-circular openings for canons to be shot. The fort also has a temple which is for the worship of Lord Shiva and other Hindu gods.

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