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Management Colleges of Rajasthan

Here some of the best management colleges in Rajasthan are listed.

Top management colleges in Rajasthan:



                            College Name City Name
1 Aravali Institute of Management jodhpur
2 JaipurInstituteofIntegraed Learningof Management Jaipur
3 BV’s Women Institute of Studies in Dev. Ori Management Banasthali
4 Center for Management Stuides Jaipur
5 Department of Managemnet Studies jodhpur
6 Department of Managemetn Kota
7 Faculty of Management Studies Jaipur
8 Faculty of Management Studies Udaipur
9 IndiaInternatioanlSchoolof Management Jaipur
10 Indian Institute of Health Managemet Research Jaipur
11 Indian Institute of Management Science Jaipur
12 Indian Institute of Reual Management Jaipur
13 Instituate of Management Studies Pratap nagar
14 JaiNarainVyasUniversity, Department of Business ManageMent jodhpur
15 Subodh Instiute of Management & Carrer Stuides Jaipur
16 Mahastra Arind Institute of Science & management Jaipur
17 MaharishiDaynedSaraswathiUniversity,SchoolofManagementStudies Ajmer
18 Malviya Regional Engg. College ,SchoolofManagementStudies Jaipur
19 Management & Commerce Institute of Global Syberey Ajmer
20 MKM Indian Institute of Management Sikar
21 ModiCollegefo Engg, & Technology Sikar
22 MohanlanSukhadiaUniversityFaculty of Management Studies Udaipur
23 OmKothair Instiuate of Managemtn Kota
24 Pacific Institute of Management Udaipur
25 RA Podar Institute, of Managemetn studies Jaipur
26 The Instiuate of Certified Mangement Accountants ofIndia Jaipur
27 Apex instituate of Management Jaipur

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