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Management Colleges of Orissa

Here some of the best management colleges in Orissa are listed.

Best management colleges in Orissa:



                            College Name City Name
1 Academyof Business Administration (AICTE Approved) Balasore
2 Academyof ManagementStudies (AICTE Approved) Khurda
3 Bhubaneswar Institute of Management & Information Technology (AICTE Approved) Khurda
4 Biju Patnaik Institute of Information Technology & Management Studies (AICTEApproved) Khurda
5 BRM Institute of Management & Information Technology
(AICTE Approved)
6 Centre for Management Studies, OrissaEngineeringCollege,
(AICTE Approved)
7 Department of Business Administration, Utkal University,
(AICTE Approved)
8 Institute of Business & Computer Studies,(AICTE Approved) Khurda
9 Institute of Business Administration & Training, (AICTE Approved) Khurda
10 Institute of Management & Information Science, (AICTE Approved) Khurda
11 Instituteof Management, (AICTEApproved) Khurda
12 RajdhaniCollegeof Engineering & Management (AICTE Approved) Khurda
13 RegionalCollegeof Management,(AICTE Approved) Khurda
14 Srusti Academyof Management, (AICTEApproved) Khurda
15 Xavier Institute of Management, (AICTEApproved) Khurda
16 Asian Workers Development Institute (AICTE Approved) Sundargarh
17 Rourkela Institute of ManagementStudies, (AICTE Approved) Sundargarh
18 Department of Business Administration, BerhampurUniversity
(AICTE Approved)
19 S.M. Institute of Technology PG Centrefor Management Studies,
(AICTE Approved)
20 Department of Business Administration, Sambalpur University
(AICTE Approved)
21 GangadharMeherCollege(Autonomous)(AICTE Approved) Sambalpur
22 Dhaneshwar Rath Instt. Of Engg. & Mgt. Studies, Cuttack
23 Gandhi Institute of Management Studies,(AICTE Approved) Rayagada
24 Global Instituteof Management, (AICTEApproved) Cuttack
25 Institute of Management & Information Technology,
(AICTE Approved)
26 Instituteof ProfessionalStudies & Research(IPSAR), (AICTE Approved) Cuttack
27 KalingaSchoolof Rural Management Bhubaneswar

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