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Management Colleges of Karnataka

Here some of the best management colleges in Karnataka are listed.

Top management colleges in Karnataka:



                            College Name City Name
1 T.A.Pai Mgt. Institute (AICTE Approved) Manipal
2 H.M.S Institute of Technology Tumkur
3 Bapuji Instt. of Mgt. (AICTE Approved) Davangere
4 Belgaum Institute of Management Studies (AICTE Approved) Belgaum
5 V.V.S’s Vijayanagar Instt. of Mgt. (AICTE Approved) Bellary
6 Sdm Instt. of Mgt. Development (AICTE Approved) Mysore
7 Mangalore University, Dept. of Business Admn. (AICTE Approved) Mangalore
8 Sri Siddartha Instt. of Mgt. Studies (AICTE Approved) Tumkur
9 Dept. of Studies In Business Admn., KuvempuUniv.
(AICTE Approved)
10 Doddappa Appa Instt.of MBA,(AICTE Approved) Gulbarga
11 Jnn College of Engg (AICTE Approved) Shimoga
12 K.V.G College of Engg. (AICTE Approved) Sullia
13 Kle’s Instt. of Mgt. Studies (AICTE Approved) Hubli
14 Kls Instt. of Mgt., Education & Research (AICTE Approved) Tilakawadi
15 Kousali Instt. of Mgt.Studies (AICTE Approved) Dharwad
16 Mahe Instt. of Mgt. Studies (AICTE Approved) Manipal
17 Alyosius Institute of Business Administration, St. AloysiusCollege,(AICTE Approved) Mangalore
18 B.V.V.S’s Instt. of Mgt. Studies (AICTE Approved) Bagalkote
19 Srinivas College of Post Graduate Mgt Studies (AICTE Approved) Mangalore
20 Transformation Instt. of Management Excellence (AICTE Approved) Mangalore
21 Ttl College of Business Mgt (AICTE Approved) Mysore
22 Department of Studies InManagementGulbarga University Gulbarga
23 Department of Studies In Mgt. Sc.,Mysore University Mysore
24 T.A.Pai Mgt. Institute (AICTE Approved) Manipal
25 Sdm Instt. of Mgt. Development (AICTE Approved) Mysore
26 BldeaA.SPatil College of Commerce (AICTE Approved) Bijapur
27 Department of Mgt. Studies (AICTE Approved) Bellary

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