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Maharana Pratap And The War Of Haldighati

Maharana pratap was the king of mewar. mewar is now a days A part of rajasthan. when the india was under the control of mughal king Akbar. maharana Paratp was the sole king who always opposes the ideology of akbar and he fought with him several times. threre are a lot of stories about him about his family about his army, his horse etc. Dewair was the place where akbar lost war by pratap. dewair is about 40 km away from kankroli rajsamand.

The haldi ghati is situated near nathdwara, it is 30 km away from nathdwara. haldi ghati is the most popular battle field in india. akbar came with a huge army after loosing the battle in dewair. maharana partap came with the army of 24000 and kept 8000 reserve force, akbar came with also a huge army. rana pratap wored the  metal cap of 10 kg and his weight of shoes of 5 kg in battle field. haldighati was the place where pratap lost the war and entirely scenario was changed later pratap went inside the forest and tried to build army again and succeeded to gain power and won 16 forts but was never able to get back chittorgarh and mandalgarh. pratap suffered a lot but never surrendered himself. he has shown the right path to the world that everything is possible.

Amar singh was the son of maharan pratap. he was also a great warrior like maharana pratap. maharana pratap never surrendered himself but amar singh surrendered himself.

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