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Hindi The National Language of India

Hindi The National Language of India –

Hindi is the National Language of India. More then 40.22 % of India’s people speak Hindi as a national language. In India There are about 22 languages are popular and They all are listed here :

1. Assamese
2. Bengali
3. Bodo
4. Dogri
5. Gujarati
6. Hindi
7. Kannada
8. Kashmiri
9. Konkani
10. Maithili
11. Malayalam
12. Manipuri
13. Marathi
14. Nepali
15. Oriya
16. Punjabi
17. Sanskrit
18. Santhali
19. Sindhi
20. Tamil
21. Telugu
22. Urdu

These are mainly 22 languages recognised in India. approx 1600 minor languages are also spoken here. Hindi is written in the Devanagari script(Lipi). Hindi belongs to the family of Aryan languages. Hindi is a very expressive language of India. Hindi is mainly spoken in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh of India. Hindi is chosen as the official national language of India After India’s independence. English continues to be the working language for many educated Indians. Hindi is widely understood all over the India.

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