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Gogunda Mewar

Gogunda, located on Aravalli hills is a small town of Jhala Rajputs situated at a distance of 35 kilometers from Udaipur. This is a historical place which is famous for the Battle of Haldighati, also known as the Battle of Gogunda, which was fought in June 1576 between Maharana Pratap and the Mughal army.

Gogunda Mewar:

Gogunda is home to many Hindu and Jain temples. Maharana Udai Singh 2, the founder of Udaipur died in Gogunda in 1572. Maharana Pratap was crowned as a king in 1572 at Gogunda. Gogunda was the estate of Jhala clan and was a strategically significant place for Maharana Pratap.  Gogunda was then the temporary capital of Mewar. He later made Kumbhalgarh his new seat of government. From Kumbhalgarh he began using guerilla war tactics against his enemies.

Just before the Battle of Haldighati, the final war council was held by Maharana Pratap in Gogunda. This war was fought between

Maharana Pratap and the Mughal army. Maharana Pratap was accompanied by his brave and loyal Rajput Generals and warriors. They were hugely outnumbered in comparison with Mughal army led by Man Singh. Maharana Pratap and his men fought valiantly against their enemies, but lost due to the overwhelming number of their enemies. Maharana Pratap was deeply wounded in the battle and fell unconscious, but it was his faithful horse Chetak who saved his life by taking him away from the battle zone.

Gogunda was captured by Man Singh, the Mughal commander of Amber. He made Gogunda his temporary headquarters. In 1611, the Mughal Emperor Jahangir invaded Gogunda and captured it. He was desperate to eliminate Mewar resistance and was successful in capturing other areas of Udaipur. In 1615, a peace treaty was agreed between Amar Singh and Mughal Prince Khurram (Shah Jahan). This treaty was later sacked by Emperor Shah Jahan.

The town of Gogunda is also the site for another significant battle in which the Crown Prince Jai Singh was successful in capturing the army of Akbar.

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