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Dewair Rajsamand

Dewair lies at the northern edge of Mewar. It connects the regions of Gujarat, Malwa, Marwar and Ajmer. Dewair is located between the mountain ranges which lies at close proximity to Madaria and Kumbhalgarh. Dewair was ruled by different clans from Mer to Deora Rajputs in ancient times. This is a historical place from where Maharana Pratap used to implement his guerilla warfare tactics, which was very effective in making all the efforts of Mughal military campaigns futile. Devair is the fine example of Maharana Pratap’s supremacy over the Mughals in the Rajputana.

Dewair Rajsamand:

In 1582 at Dewair, Maharana Pratap successfully defeated the Mughal forces. This incident turned out to be the turning point in Mewar- Mughal history. Till this incident Maharana Pratap was defensive in his approach and tactics, but after this victory Maharana Pratap took offensive measures against Mughal rule and within a very short period of time he was successful in reclaiming back most of the territory that was lost to the Mughal invaders.

There were several accounts of valor when Maharana Pratap and his son Kr. Amar Singh displayed gallantry against their enemies. In one of the incidents Maharana Pratap vertically slashed Bahlol Khan through his armor with a single powerful blow of his sword. In another incident Kr. Amar Singh, son of great Maharana Pratap killed Sultan Khan with his spear.

When most of the Maharajas had chosen to live a life of suppression under Mughal rule, Maharana Pratap was determined to live a life in independent discomfort and continue his struggle against the Mughals. Although Maharana Pratap may have lost the battle against Mughals in Haldighati, but in due course of time he managed to win the war against them. In 1852, on the very auspicious occasion of Vijaya Dashmi, Maharana Pratap was rewarded with a historic victory. This resulted into liquidation of about 36 Mughal military outposts in Mewar. This humiliating defeat demoralized Akbar and he finally stopped all his military campaigns against the glorious land of Mewar.

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