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Darshan At Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara

Darshan At Shrinathji Temple Nathdwara –

Nathdwara is famous place for shrinathji temple darshan. There is a very big and famous temple of shrinathji in nathdwara. thousands of Gujarati and local public come nathdwara time to time for lord shrinathji darshan. nathdwara darshan takes an important part in those people’s life. Many visitors from Gujarat and Maharashtra can come daily or on special occasions for shrinathi ji darshan at nathdwara rajsamand.

There are eight main darshan of shrinathji in daily routine and they all have an important part due to different timings. The details about all eight shrinathji darshan is given below.

[1] Mangla Darshan – Mangla is the first darshan of day. Arati is offered to lord shrinathji during this darshan. mangla darshan takes place before sunrise in winter months and in summer months it is later. during summer months shrinathji wears a Dhoti and in winter months he wears a Coat or Rajai.

[2] Shringar Darshan – Shringar is the second darshan of day. Shringar darshan takes place after about one hour. dry fruit offered to Shrinathji during this shringar darshan. shrinathji dressed well. The songs are sung by the poets.

[3] Gval Darshan – Gval Darshan is the third darshan of day when shrinathji takes cows to the field. sweets offered to Shrinathji during this gval darshan.

[4] Rajbhog Darshan – Rajbhog Darshan is the fourth darshan when the delicious food served to shrinathji. aarti also performed.

[5] Uthapan Darshan – Uthapan Darshan is the fifth darshan it held about 3 p.m. and shrinathji awakes after his after noon sleep.

[6] Bhog Darshan – Bhog Darshan is the sixth darshan of day when shrinathji is offered fruits and light meal.

[7] Sandhya Arti Darshan – Sandhya Arti Darshan is the seventh darshan of the day and this is related to evening. when shrinathji bring all cows back to their home. Evening Arti and bhog etc. also performed during darshan.

[8] Shayan Darshan – Shayan Darshan is the Eight and last darshan of day which emphasis Shrinathji to go to sleep in night. paan and arti can be performed to lord shrinathji.

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  1. Prem Sharda Says:

    I was dismayed not to find the history,story (or mahatmaya, as it is often referred to)of the diety. I am keen to know what led to the construction o this specific deity, at this specific place. Normally it is related to some incident in the life of Lord Shri Krishan or his devotee due to which the place or the temple became to be called as Lord “Shreenathji”.
    I will be obliged if you can elaborate on it.

    I take liberty to suggest that all temples must contain a brief history behind it.

    Prem Sharda

  2. Prem Sharda Says:

    I shall wait.

    Prem Sharda

  3. Himanshu Dave Says:

    your website is very usefull for every person who’s come in udaipur & rajasthan. If u never mind please mantion in timing for every darshan

  4. sanjeev Says:

    The information given above was very useful, however if you can please provide the opening and closing timing of the temple it will be very useful for people coming from far off places and can plan accordingly.

    Some more information can also help.

    Thanks for your time


  5. purvi a kapadia Says:

    jay shreekirshan

  6. purvi ajaybhai kapadia Says:

    jay shreenathij jay shree kirshan

  7. Vineet Says:

    How do we book special darshan

  8. nirav shah Says:

    jay shreenathij jay shree kirshan

    your website is very usefull for every person who’s come in udaipur & rajasthan. If u never mind please mantion in timing for every darshan

  9. hemant parekh Says:

    shree krishna sharnam mmama
    jay shri krishna

  10. Bhavin Khatri Says:

    Jai shreenathji.

    Jay shree krishna.

  11. Niraj Majmudar Says:

    Jay Shrikrishn
    srv vaishnav ne Jay ShriKrushn

  12. Param Says:

    Darshan Shreenathji

  13. ANURAG PURI Says:


  14. atul mahajan Says:

    jay shree krishana

    i want again and again and again
    come nathadwara for shriji darshan.

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