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Save Tiger Project by Govt of India

All of us once seen a tiger in our life. but now a days this beautiful animal can be seen very rare. We cannot see many tiger now it may also be possible that our future generation will only see their photos and videos only because the tigers are left very few about 1441. The project of Save Tiger was started by government of India in 1972.

Save Tiger Project In India :

As we all know that there are very few tigers are left in jungles in India, so govt. of India is trying hard to save them. Some decades ago



we can see them in circus but now we can see them only in a Zoo or in a Jungle safari at a national park. The population of tigers are decreasing day by day because the nature and jungles are being converted in cities. To save tiger we have to increase quantity of trees in jungles. People hunt them for their tooth, bones and amazing skin (Khaal). So our government had started many related projects to save tigers and other animals.

The honorable court of India has made rules tough and hard if someone found killing a tiger or another related activity, hard punishments are given to them who do so. So it is also a good step to save tigers. Govt also adopt jungles and wild life sanctuaries where tigers can live freely and protected in a pollution free place. People do not understand that animal also have a right to live in this world, like the human have right to live.

We can say like dinosaurs are not more in our world, it may be possible that our child will not be able to see these tigers live. So every citizen of India have to contribute with the Read the rest of this entry »

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Mount Abu Hotels In Rajasthan India

Mount Abu is a very beautiful place to visit in rajasthan. it is Situated at the southern tip of the Aravali range of mountains in rajasthan. Mount abu is known as an only hill station in Rajasthan.

Mount Abut In Rajasthan

Mount Abu In Rajasthan

The most beautiful places to visit in mount abu are as follows:

Nakki Lake, Delwara Temple, Achal Garh, Tod Rock, Honey Moon Point, Gaumukh Temple, Adhar Devi, Guru Shikhar, Sun-Set Point, Sant Sarovar
Tevors Tank, Ranghunath Temple, Rishikesh Temple, Sankar Math,
Dettrateya Tempe, Mogli land, Eco-tourism and Salgaon Tower.

Hotels In Mount Abu :

  • Chacha Inn
  • Connaught House
  • Hotel Hillock
  • Hotel Hilltone
  • Hotel Sheratone
  • Jaipur House
  • Kesar Bhawan Palace
  • Kishangarh House
  • Lake Palace
  • Mount Regency
  • Palace Hotel
  • Palanpur Palace
  • Rising Sun Retreat
  • Hotel Shikhar – RTDC
  • Savera Palace
  • Sunrise Palace
  • Udai Garh
  • Cama Rajaputana
  • Hotel Aradhana

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Wildlife Sanctuaries Around The World

For the wildlife expert, or just an average traveler who loves to be in the midst of untamed nature, a wildlife sanctuary is the place to be. The most well known of these forest reserves is probably the Yellowstone natural park. And what drives people here is not the rare species of animals found, or the unending greenery around. Most visitors come to Yellowstone to witness a unique natural phenomenon: the eruption of a natural geyser. Other sanctuaries are just as breathtaking, and must be in the itenary of any visitor to the region where one of them is located.

The most famous of the wildlife sanctuaries is listed below:

1.    Aspen valley wildlife sanctuary, Canada

2.    Sathya Sai sanctuary, Ireland

3.    Bergeron’s exotic sanctuary, Canada

4.    Assisi animal sanctuary, UK

5.    Ferne animal sanctuary, UK

6.    Willows sanctuary, UK

7.    Freedom Farm animal sanctuary, USA

8.    Grateful acres animal sanctuary, USA

9.    Wild animal sanctuary, USA

10. Yellowstone national park, USA

11. Bory Tucholskie National Park, Poland

12. Kampinoski National Park,Poland

13. Ujście Warty National Park,Poland

Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are many world famous sanctuaries in Africa, most notably in Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Since wildlife in Africa is abundant, it is but natural that the continent has an array of wildlife Read the rest of this entry »

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