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Silver Bangles Are Famous and Well Known

In India, the land of Rajasthan produces and manufactures some of the most attractive Indian jewellery. It is also considered to be the crafts paradise in India. The handicrafts of Rajasthan cannot be compared to the handicrafts of any other place may it be in colours, concepts and workmanship.

They excel in all the fields. The Handicrafts ethnic aura makes them absolutely delightful for a collector. The jewellery of Rajasthan has a tradition, which is vast and varied with every single area in Rajasthan having its own unique method and style of making silver jewellery. The rural rajasthani women themselves prefer to adorn themselves with chunky silver jewellery.

Rajasthan is famous for its Meenakari work. Meenakari is known as the art of enameling on silver or gold. The craftsmen in Jaipur make use of the champleve or the style known as the raised field style. Often, a combination of both Meenakari as well as kundan gives the jewellery two beautiful surfaces with the enamel at the back and the gems of kundan set in the front. Enameling on silver as well as other metals is also done in Nathdwara.

Rajasthani’s consider their jewellery to be much more than just their adornment. Jewellery is a part of the tradition and the culture of the Rajasthani’s. Bangles form the most important part of the jewellery. All women wear silver bangles for its good omen and its auspicious sign. A women’s forearm being bare is considered to be inauspicious.

Manufacturers and exporters of Silver Bangles in Rajasthan:

1) Ugma International
Address: Door No. 303, Pearl Prudence, C-124A, Moti Marg, Bapu Nagar, Jaipur – 302 015, India
Phone: +(91)-(141)-4018146

2) Spectrum Gems Jaipur
Address: 3767 KGB Ka Rasta, Jaipur – 302 001, India
Phone: +(91)-(141)-2576191 Fax: +(91)-(141)-2562675

3) Silver Heritage
Address: 237, Shree Rameshwarm, Sonkhyo Ka Raasta, Kishan Pole Bazar, Jaipur – 302 001, India
Phone: +(91)-(141)-2316403 Fax: +(91)-(141)-2325017

4) Shri Ram Gems
Address: 3700, Maharwal Bhawan, Shop No.- 08, Above Shri Ram Plastic, Babu Ka Tiba, Galta Road, Jaipur – 302 003, India
Phone: +(91)-(141)-2600599 Fax: +(91)-(141)-2600599

5) Singhal Exports
Address: Ganesh Bhawan, Outside Surajpole Gate, Corner Building of the Surajpole Anaaj Mandi, Galta Road, Jaipur – 302 003, India
Phone: +(91)-(141)-2640834

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Polishing Silver Bangles

Silver jewellery is pretty easy to take care of. If there is any tarnish on your silver bangles it can be removed or cleaned by using a detergent, which does not have phosphate. Silver that has been washed gently with utmost care and dried immediately will very rarely require any tarnish removal.

When the tarnish is yellowish brown, it can be removed easily without too many efforts. But it becomes increasingly difficult to remove the tarnish as it eventually becomes black in colour.

It is always better to clean the bangles regularly followed by drying them or wiping them with soft cloth rather than waiting till the tarnish becomes black making it extremely difficult to remove it. For extreme cases abrasive polishes would be needed.

While drying or polishing silver bangles or any other silver jewellery take extra care and make sure that you make use of clean and a soft cotton cloth. Certain items may also need you to use a soft and a clean cotton ball.

There are more chances of starling silver getting tarnished quickly when compared to the other types, especially when it is exposed to air containing salt contents in areas near the seas or oceans or when it is exposed to products, which contain sulphur. Thus, to make your silver bangles look their best it is recommended to make use of non- abrasive silver cleaning product.

Along with cleaning your jewellery regularly, it is also important to store your jewellery properly. To do so, you can also buy a non- abrasive tarnish resistant pouch. You can also store your jewellery in a plastic airtight zip locks or in airtight environment with low humidity. Whenever not in use, the jewellery should be placed in a protective pouch. Ensure that it is not placed in a cardboard box or a paper, which would increase the rate of oxidation.

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Mexican Silver Bangles

There is no visitor to Mexico who would come back without buying one piece of its silver jewellery, especially bangles. Mexico has always been extremely rich in its natural deposits of silver. It has also been one of the world’s primary producers of silver.

Mexico had an ancient tradition of silversmiths who create the world’s most beautiful silver bangles. The city of Taxco is known as the Mexico’s silver capital. Taxco is a small town located midway between Mexico City and Acapulco and has become a tourist destination for items made of silver including bangles, rings, earrings, etc. The bangles made there are so chic in the fashion-conscious circles that they have always created a special magic. The silver bangles designed by the Mexicans are filled with impressive craftsmanship along with unique imagination and exoticism.

The aesthetic of the 1960’s and 1970’s has influenced the Mexican silver in its own way because of which it is sold today in an extraordinary quantity. Older pieces with a more complicated and a heavier look generally find their way to vintage and other antique or collectible stores. The markings inside the silver bangles and other silver jewellery are always varying. Many pieces are marked or labeled “sterling” while many others, especially the old bangles are labeled as “silver” or “Mexico Silver“.

Some times a few pieces also state “Hecho in Mexico” which means that they have been manufactured in Mexico. The degree of purity can be determined by the international system of grading such as 925 or 800. Mexican bangles and other Mexican jewellery is often made up of tin or other base metal washed with silver or various other substitutes. This makes it all the more cheaper than pure silver.

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