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Hariyali Amavasya Fair At Rajsamand

Hariyali Amavasya Fair is also a main attraction of the rainy season in kankroli rajsamand. Hariyali Amavasya Fair is being celebrated specially by many village people who comes from near by villages. the tourist attractions like Pal garden, nau choki, kumbhalgarh, haldighati, parshuram mahadev and bageri ka naka etc. are full of peoples who come here to have fun in this hariyali amavasya mela.

Yesterday was the day of hariyali amavasya and there was a huge people at kumbhalgarh also. there was about 15000 peoples came to the fort. The parshuram mahadev temple was also full of public. pal garden of rajsamand lake and nau choki was specially decorated with colourful lights. whole day there was a public at different places at rajsamand. all people enjoyed so much the mela of hariyali amavasya. the rainy season and the drops of rain make this a beautiful fair. people come with family and friends to have fun there.

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Teej Festival In Rajsamand

Teej Festival In Rajsamand –

Teej Mela is a festival which is very famous in Rajsamand . This teej festival is dedicated to the Goddess Parvati. The mela festival comes With the Rainy season when nature becomes green and beautiful. This Teej Festival come in the month of August- September. As Hindu religion it comes in the third day of Shrawan [shukla and krishna].

The word Teej denotes the tritiya tithi of the month .An idol or a picture of Parvati and lord shiva installed at every home and Puja is performed in the morning by women .

The women wear bright coloured dressed, apply heena on the palms, sing folk songs, dance, and then celebrate Teej. They do pooja of Lord Shiva and Parvati On this day. At evening women go to the mela and have fun. They purchase some house hold things and get entertained. Teej Mela is specially celebrated on the bank of Banas river in Nathdwara and Kankroli Rajsamand District. In the Teej mela there are lots of Dolar, Chakri and Jhoola are the special held for the entertainment of the ladies and children’s .

On Teej girls receive new clothes from their parents. The girls and women dances in colourful saris, lehngas and chunris. At Kankroli Rajsamand Women go to the nearest garden of rajsamand pal. Many people come here to join the teej festival.

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Raj Mahotsav In Rajsamand

Raj Mahotsav In Rajsamand –

Maharana Raj Singh the was the founder of Rajnagar and world famous lake Rajsamand. Later District Rajsamand has been made by the name of Rana Raj Singhji .Raj mahotsava is celebrated during September-October . Raj mahotsava [A Three Day Celebration Event] celebrated every year in the holy memories of the Grate Maharaja Raj Singh ji Of Rajsamand .

Maharaja Raj singh was A great man and he was so kind . Maharana Raj Singh Shodh and Smriti Sansthan of Rajsamand which is a society dedicated to commemorate the birth celebrations of Cultural programmes, Bhakti Sandhya, and related Lectures of history are main features of this three day event Named As Raj Mahotsava .

This Society also give awards for the various field like Raj Gaurav and Raj samman . This event been celebrated on the nau choki pal of The Famous Lake Rajsamand every year .The event looks very nice and joyful. the lectures on history related rajsamand mewar are given here and at the evening time there are a cultural programme has been arranged here where songs, rajasthani folk dances and dramas related to history are performed by the local artists .

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