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Veer Durga Das of Marwar

Veer Durgadas RathoreVeer durga Das Rathore was vary brave and famous historical hero. Durgadas Rathore was born in 13 august, 1638. his famous personality in the annals of Marwar. He was the son of Askaran Rathore, a rajput general in the army of Maharaja Jaswant Singh in Jodhpur. Durga Das was a suryavanshi Rajput.

Once he killed camel herd then the maharaja Jaswant singh told durgadas why he killed camel herd, durgadas told the royal herd of camels was giving Jaswant Singh a bad name by destroying the crops of people. The Maharaja was impressed with Durgadas’s an appointment in the army.

Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Marwar, died in 1679 when two of his wife’s were pregnant at the time of his death. when mughal emperor Aurangzeb, was appointed a Muslim to rule over Marwar, which angry the Rathore clan a great deal. One of Jaswant Singh’s pregnant widows gave birth male child, who was named Ajit Singh. durgadas saved his child from Aurangzeb. Durgadas was a very brave man and He was died in 22 November, 1718.

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Bhagat Singh The Brave Freedom Fighter

Bhagat Singh was born in September 27, 1907 in the Khatkar Kalan village near Banga in the Jalandhar district of Punjab. He was born into a Sikh family. His father’s name was Sardar Kishan Singh and mother Vidyavati. His grandfather Arjan Singh, father Kishan Singh and uncle Ajit Singh, were all participated in the Indian freedom struggle. 

He was deeply affected and disappointed by the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre that took place in Punjab in 1919. on the day of 8 April 1929 Bhagat Singh and Batukeshwar Dutt thrown a bomb in Assembly and then get arrested. they want to make awareness about Indian people’s struggle to get freedom by this bomb attack.

In the British officers this is an illegal work what they have done and then it was decided to be hanged for all their activities On 24th of March 1931. Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru walked to the hanging rope, they kissed it, and said loudly “vande martarm” and then put it around his neck to be hanged.

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Mahatma Gandhi India

“Mahatma Gandhi” people known as ‘father of nation’. Mahatma Gandhi was born 2 October 1869 at in town of Porbandar in Gujarat. His education started in rajkot where his father served as the adviser or prime minister to the local ruler. Mahatma Gandhi’s full name was Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi.

His father died before Gandhi could finish his education. when Gandhi was thirteen years old his parents arrangement married to kasturba Makhanji (Kasturbai). They had four sons Harilal Gandhi, Manilal Gandhi, Ramdas Gandhi and Devdas Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi was great and major political leader of India and Indian independence movement. When India was then under British rule over 500 kingdoms of India. In September, 1888 when his age 18, Gandhi went to University College London(Imperial capital) to train for a barrister. In December 1921 becoming the leader of the Indian National Congress Organization.

He made his own clothes dhoti and shawl, woven with a charkha and lived simplicity. His diet vegetarian and used rigorous fasts. Mahatama Gandhi believed in non-violence and truth which called Satyagraha.

In 1930 when British govt. increased tax on salt. Because Mahatma Gandhi believed in non-violence so start march to Dandi from March 21 to April 6, 1930, marching 400 kilometres (248 miles) from Ahmadabad to Dandi. Thousands of Indian people joined dandi yatra. Mahatma Gandhi was famous from his dandi ytra.

30 January, 1948 when Mahatma Gandhi was expired. when he was 78 years old. Mahatma Gandhi attracted to himself, Students, Teachers and every one interested in Gandhi. Gandhi is recognized as the “Father of the Nation” in India and his birthday October 2 is annually celebrated by indian people and its national holiday.

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